Affiliate Disclosure

When we publish reviews of various products on this site, it means that we have affiliate marketing relationships with the companies that manufacture and sell the products. This is how the relationship works: a company that produces the products that we review on our site gives us a small compensation when the firm successfully makes a sale.

We usually get compensation when you visit the websites of the firms and make a purchase after reading our review. In such a case, we would have referred you to them, and the firms will have to compensate us for that.

In many of the reviews of products that we publish on, this relationship is apparent. However, in some cases, you may not notice that we have an affiliate marketing relationship with the firms that manufacture the products that we review. The good news is that we usually show at the bottom of the article that indeed, we have an affiliate relationship with the third party when this relationship is not apparent.

The fact that we have affiliate marketing relationships with third-party firms does not mean that we expressly endorse their products. exists for the sole purpose of informing our audience and not recommending products of other firms. We only review the products with the goal of helping our readers understand how the products work.

We believe that by providing you with accurate descriptions of the products, we make it easy for you to choose the right product. The decision on the product that you buy is yours, and we do not interfere with it at all.

Lastly, we do not guarantee you that the products we review on our site are safe, effective and the best on the market. We cannot be held responsible for the adverse effects that one may suffer after using the third-party products that we only review on our site.