How to Prevent Chafing Between Legs

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What is chafing?

how to prevent chafing between legsThis guide looks at how to prevent chafing between legs.  If you have ever heard of a condition called friction burn, then the chances are that you already know what chafing is all about. In simple terms, chafing is a peculiar irritation of the skin that is caused by sustained friction.

Your skin is supposed to be supple always. However, at times, some parts of your body may rub against one another for long when you are moving. For example, your inner thighs may rub against each other when you are going about your duties.

If you have a big body, and you are fond of wearing tight-fitting dresses and skirts, then you must have experienced this condition in-between your thighs. Also, the situation may occur in-between your toes if the skin is humid and it rubs against itself for some time.

What causes chafing between the legs?

Primarily, chafing is caused by extended periods of friction between parts of your body or your skin and clothes. When wet or damp skin rubs against itself for a long time, the friction that is caused in the process damages the skin. The chafed skin then becomes red, swollen and irritated.

Many factors and practices can expose you to chafing. For example, if you are a jogger, the chances are that you may get the condition at one time during your runs. Also, if you are a lover of physical exercises, it is easy for you to develop chafing, thanks to the constant movements of various parts of your body when you are doing your exercises.

In some cases, if you have a big body, you may quickly develop chafing when going about your regular business. While running or walking, the skin folds at the back of your knee, armpits or thighs may experience friction.

Another cause of chafing is the kind of clothing that you use. If you are fond of dressing in very tight clothes, then you may increase your chances of developing chafing. This is the case because chafing can also be caused by the friction between your skin and tight clothes.


What are the symptoms of chafing between the legs?

You should remember that chafing can occur slowly on any part of your body. For you to tell whether you have developed the problem, you can look out for any of the following symptoms.

You should remember that these symptoms are typical for chafing on any part of the body. In the case of chafing in-between the thighs, then you will see these symptoms in-between your thighs.

  • This is one of the most important signs that your skin is getting chafed. When your skin rubs against itself or fabric for a long time, it becomes inflamed and sore. You may start feeling an itching sensation in the area where chafing is taking place.
  • Burning sensation. You usually feel a burning sensation when you have chafing because of the effect of prolonged friction on your skin. If chafing has occurred in your underarms, you may feel that the skin around the area is sore and painful.

How to prevent chafing between legs

Symptoms of chafing between legsYou can prevent chafing between your legs by using any of the following methods. The most important thing about the methods is that both men and women can use them.

  1. Stay dry always. Humidity is the most critical factor that contributes to chafing between your legs. During hot weather, you end up sweating everywhere in your body. When your wet thighs rub against each other, the skin on the thighs easily gets chafed.
  2. Dress properly. If you are fond of dressing in very tight dresses, then you may have to rethink your dress code for you to prevent chafing between your thighs. It may be necessary for you to put on clothes in which you are comfortable.
  3. Lubricate your inner thighs. At times, you may use any good petroleum jelly to lubricate your inner thighs and prevent friction. It may be vital for you to apply the ointment when you intend to walk for long.
  4. Keep yourself clean always. If your chafing between the legs is caused by a combination of a lot of sweat and physical exercises, then you may have to use wet wipes. You can periodically wipe the inner parts of your thighs and the underarms to prevent the skin from chafing.


Why you should prevent chafing in the inner legs

You should prevent the skin in your inner legs from getting chafed because the condition usually leads to severe skin complications if it is left unattended to.

As it was stated at the beginning of this post when chafing in the inner thigh is ignored, it leads to friction burn, which is a grave condition. Also, it is important to note that chafing between the legs may cause bleeding. If parts of your skin get damaged because of being chafed, you may start experiencing bleeding.

Finally, in our guide on how to stop chafing between legs, if the skin in your inner thighs gets chafed, you may have to endure the discomfort that is associated with the condition. It may be difficult for you to comfortably play  if you are an athlete and you develop this condition.



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